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Alan Lloyd alan at holographic.f2o.org
Mon May 10 14:48:41 CDT 2004

Mike raises some good points. May be that is one of the reasons I have
not contributed much over the past year or so. That and too much work.
(if there is such a thing)
Evolt does seem to be lacking direction. I think (not sure about
president but who knows) someone needs to be at the front with the aim
of moving Evolt forward..

Just my two cents..


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> I totally agree that we need people to manage projects like 
> beo adverts 
> and the weo redesign. There must be a number of projects that 
> have died 
> a death because no-one 'owned' them.
> Personally, I feel that we need someone to drive evolt.org forward. 
> Someone with a vision of what evolt shoud be, and the backing of the 
> rest of the members to get it done, or at least on the way to 
> getting it 
> done. A CEO, if you will. Not permanent, but elected and with 
> some power 
> of choice.
> I'm only putting this out there because I feel that evolt is dying. I 
> would love to help more, but there's the back-biting, in-fighting, 
> lethargy and general lack-of-decisions-made which has always 
> put me off.
> There's questions we need to ask ourselves. I belive it will take 
> someone with a leadership role, to take evolt forward:
> - Are we extinct. Is there a need for an evolt.org in the current 
> working-web world?
> - Is thelist as good as it used to be? If not, why not?
> - What projects are evolt.org undertaking and why?
> - What does a member get when they join evolt.org?
> - Why should they join evolt?
> I've got loads of these questions and I'd love to put them to 
> someone, 
> but, somene who's got a bit of drive to ask others to find 
> the answers. 
> It should be a team effort - and we've got a great team - but 
> even teams 
> need managers to keep everything going in the right direction.
> These are all things that I've been muttering about at 
> beervolts for the 
> past year. I've always been to worried to ask them. Well, now I have.
> Bring it on!
> Mike King
> s t e f wrote:
> > <quote who='William Anderson' when='10/05/04 16:34'>
> >
> > ... which brings me to my next point: since now the lists 
> are going to 
> > be reduced, I'm wondering if we should not have project managers 
> > designated for this or that item? For instance I kind of 
> feel (maybe I'm 
> > wrong since I was not there at the time) that Isaac was a kind of 
> > project manager in charge of the design, just like Marlene 
> was PM on 
> > finance and 'how can you help evolt' articles way back, and so on.
> > (again, this is a *perception*, maybe I'm deeply mistaken)
> > 
> >  From my last few months as a somewhat active person at 
> evolt, I feel 
> > that there's a lot of lethargy because of a lack of 
> identified tasks and 
> > a need for individual persons to answer for said tasks and 
> to define 
> > deadlines and the rest.
> > 
> > What do you think, people?
> > 
> > 
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