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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Tue May 11 06:58:35 CDT 2004

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my cup of tea]

<quote who=' David Kaufman'>
> it should be fairly trivial to incorporate the ads into the new layout
> as well, right?  but perhaps that's just the programmer in me speaking.
> i'm no graphics guru or art director... :-)

+1 for triviality.

>> I think the pace of things is a bit slow regarding redesign, so I'd
>> vote to put the skyscrapers in the current design and think about
>> integrating it in the next as well.
> i'll put that down as one vote from stef ..to vote.  no wait, he's
> voting to *skip* the vote and get right to implementing ads.  i vote for
> that, too. that's two votes to skip one vote and go ahead with action.
> can i get a "hell, yes!" ?

It's a +1 for your demand, yes.

<long but interesting rant />

> i don't know if more evolt administrative lists (or fewer) is the
> answer, just as i don't know whether more (or fewer) of us
> *administrators* will help evolt be a more "active" org, but i feel in
> my gut that anyone who steps up should be allowed to take on some
> responsibility and, the more transparency, the better.  the more we can
> offer to the average evolt "customer" (that vast majority of web workers
> who're merely scanning theList messages each day) the better.  the
> votes, the politics, the job titles and all the associated red tape seem
> counter-productive to me, somehow.  though i admit i have no ready
> alternative to suggest, and some things do seem to *beg* for paperwork
> and procedures, IMO, the less bureaucracy, the better.

I get your point. Which is exactly what you did with cafepress, btw.

> so i dunno if a "program manager" per se, would help (seems there may be
> too many titles and unfilled positions already), but it does seem to me
> that the motivated hero outperforms the committee any day, so maybe if
> we call them "random champions" and recruit them from theList, rather
> than from among ourselves here in theForum (as much as i love us to
> death :-)), then i could get behind the "program manager" concept a bit
> better :-)

Right. So basically, you say that, for instance, if so-and-so was to wish
for a speed-up in redesign, so-and-so should self-appoint himself/herself
redesign chairman/PM/whatever and assume the associated task without
further ado, and that would be all?

Maybe a simple "hey, theforum, you don't mind if I do this-and-that" would
do, why not. TOevolt (tara) and cafepress (you) show that there may be
something interesting there.

s t e f

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