[theforum] Please remove this post on Finance Archives

Marlene Bruce marlene at looneylabs.com
Wed May 12 15:10:24 CDT 2004

Hi folks,

I've received an email from Matt Parker requesting that we remove 
this post from the finance archives:


Please let me know when it's been removed, and email Matt at the 
following address as well so he knows it's been removed.

mailto:seven at ruguide.com

Thanks for prompt attention to this matter.

(I'm so tired of this issue...)

Also, I'd like to be removed from office as de facto Treasurer, so 
I'm tending my resignation at this point. It's pointless for me to 
continue to be listed when I haven't been active in a really long 
time now.

Please remove me from the give at evolt.org email alias.

I can remove myself from any lists I'm on.

Also, I'd like to take back my PayPal account. Who can take it over? 
I will be happy to transfer the balance to a qualified recipient. I 
would like to have this transfer completed by next Monday, May 17th 
if possible (I'm going out of town early the next morning).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

No new articles since March?

Hope you all are well, and best of luck to you!

Thanks bunches,

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