give at evolt paypal addy (was: Re: [theforum] Re: Resignation)

David Kaufman david at
Thu May 13 12:02:31 CDT 2004

William Anderson wrote:
> David Kaufman wrote:
>> i've just set up a new PayPal account in evolt's name, and linked it
>> to the evolt checking account and tax-id, but i don't know if being
>> a new account, you can transfer more than very small payments to it.
>> try the transfer, via paypal, to david at
> would be nice to tag give at onto that account too :)

yes that seems sensible.  but for the moment, at least, an address can
only be associated with one Paypal account at a time (i'd assume).

Marlene Bruce wrote:
> Please remove me from the give at email alias.
> I can remove myself from any lists I'm on.

oh, right.  this can be rediercted to me at: david at ...who
would it be that maintains email aliases?

after that's done, then i guess i can change the primary email address
of the new Paypal account to use it (after Marlene's has changed hers).



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