[theforum] We've got a serious problem here at evolt.org

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Thu May 13 13:00:47 CDT 2004

Hello all,

[Jeff and Adrian, forgive me to have added your personal addresses as 
well as posted to theforum and sysadmin but I feel that maybe you're too 
busy to read (and/or reply to) the evolt.org lists, and I needed the 
message to get to you.]

Here is the problem: I don't know who runs evolt.org, like :
- who's got admin privileges on what machine
- who's got file upload privileges on what machine
- (insert here any question of the same type)
And I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder.

We haven't had any response to a few emails that implied people with 
admin rights, and matters have been complicated needlessly.

(examples here 
<http://lists.evolt.org/contentarchive/2004-May/013178.html> and there 
<http://lists.evolt.org/contentarchive/2004-May/013244.html> from 
Garrett, and here's one from me: 
<http://lists.evolt.org/contentarchive/2004-May/013111.html> for people 
who belong to the content group)

Granted, we could have retitled our messages, but the question still 
remains. I'm as happy as possible that our volunteer admins, who indeed 
do a great job when they're available, are busy at the moment, but we 
cannot really work things out that way.

If we administer content we should be able to upload the files that go 
with the article, shouldn't we?

Here's the situation:
Garrett had to upload the files on a temporary browsers.evolt.org 
directory so the article could be published. I still have files that 
belong to an article I wrote hosted on my f2o.org account because they 
were never uploaded to main evolt.org.

So, what do we do? I know that assests.evolt.org is coming, and that, if 
all goes as I was told, content members will have upload rights, but the 
problem remains: How many admins will there be to open and manage the 
FTP accounts? Moving a problem doesn't solve it, I'm afraid.

Open question, feel free to reply.

s t e f

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