[theforum] We've got a serious problem here at evolt.org

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Thu May 13 14:43:33 CDT 2004

s t e f wrote:
> Here is the problem: I don't know who runs evolt.org, like :
> - who's got admin privileges on what machine
> - who's got file upload privileges on what machine
> - (insert here any question of the same type)
> And I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder.

i can top that:  I don't know what machines we *have*, how many there
are, where they are, who they belong to, who hosts them (or donates
hosting services), who we pay for hosting, what we pay for hosting, or
if we pay for hosting.

i suspect i'll be finding out answers to some of those questions fairly
soon, now that Marlene has resigned and transferred PayPal
responsibilities to moi.  (that "moi" was all the French i know -- just
for you, stef :^})

> We haven't had any response to a few emails that implied people with
> admin rights, and matters have been complicated needlessly.
> (examples here
> <http://lists.evolt.org/contentarchive/2004-May/013178.html> and there
> <http://lists.evolt.org/contentarchive/2004-May/013244.html> from
> Garrett, and here's one from me:
> <http://lists.evolt.org/contentarchive/2004-May/013111.html> for
> people who belong to the content group)

hmmm.  i *tried* to subscribe to each and every one of the confusing
array of evolt administrivia mailing lists, but i'm dismayed to realize
that those links are password protected, i've never received a message
from the [Content] list or [Sysadmin] (except CC's such as this).   i do
remember reading somewhere that Content, at least was deemed "sensitive
material", because the critique and possible rejection of the writing of
our contributors was discussed there.

i've just resubmitted subscription requests to the Content and Sysadmin
lists. hopefully whoever moderates the lists will approve me.  also, i
had to *guess* the url for the subscription pages to do so -- why not
link them on lists.evolt.org?  is the very existence of these lists

perhaps after we consolidate all these admin lists down from whatever it
currently is (seven?) to whatever was decided to be recently (three,
two?  dare i ask it be one?)  we can get some *transparency* going on,
so that those who are able to find the time to participate will be
better able to Easily See and Speak about whatever's going on, and feel
like they're able to get things done without having to bear an undue
burden of red tape.

such obstacles to participation, lack of information, communication,
authorization should be obsolete in online electronic communities like
evolt.  the apathy and attrition of active, enthusiastic leaders lately
may be due in some part to plain old simple inconvenience :-)


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