servers and services (was: Re: [theforum] We've got a serious problem here at

David Kaufman david at
Thu May 13 15:09:02 CDT 2004

Dean Mah wrote:
> is hosted on two different servers currently. [...].jeff's
> [and] "the rack" ... owned by Martin, neuro, genghis, garrett,
> and Mike [... more useful details snipped]

thanks for the enlightenment, Dean!  so two servers, both dedicated, and
both owned by generous evolters.  may i ask what monthly services we pay
for?  bandwidth, rack space?

i ask because Marlene has completed the transfer of PayPal funds to the
new evolt PayPal account that i just setup, and i'm wondering if there
are monthly bills i should be aware of.

and, in the interest of transparency, the amount was $2,167.36 - i'm
curious (as others may be) how much turnover there is in that account:
donations in, payments out...  i'll ask Marlene to download a CSV file
of historical transactions and forward it to me.  i'd like to get some
web space somewhere in Evoltia too, where Elfur and I can publish and
update all of the financial information that should be public, which i
think should be *everything* (except passwords and PIN numbers) and
maybe give credit to contributors (who do not opt for discretion) etc.

thanks again for the info!


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