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Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at
Thu May 13 17:41:53 CDT 2004

Dean wrote on 13/05/2004 21:48:37:

> On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 04:09:02PM -0400, David Kaufman wrote:
> >
> > thanks for the enlightenment, Dean!  so two servers, both dedicated,

Neither dedicated iirc. Certainly theraq runs some other stuff.

> and
> > both owned by generous evolters.  may i ask what monthly services we
> > for?  bandwidth, rack space?
> Currently, I believe that everything is resting on the shoulders of
> the individuals that run the servers.  Should their generousity run
> out, we run into the same problem that we had when we were required to
> move from Dan's host to Ron's to the current situation.  However, I'm
> sure that if they want, they can breakdown the costs.

$100/month+TX sales tax for the raq.

> This is one of the reasons that we want to move away from the rack to
> a community owned server which will start to come out of the
> coffers.  [See my previous message about lists hosting.]  I'm assuming
> that we will eventually move w.e.o as well but its requirements are a
> little steeper in that it relies on commercial software.

Just flagging that this is the current state of affairs, which may or may
not be true forever.

> > i'd like to get some web space somewhere in Evoltia too, where Elfur
> > and I can publish and update all of the financial information that
> > should be public, which i think should be *everything* (except
> > passwords and PIN numbers) and maybe give credit to contributors
> > (who do not opt for discretion) etc.


> > There was a wiki set up for this sort of thing but I don't know if it
> is functioning any longer.
but it's the zope instance on the raq that has the disk allocation issue
(Cobalt Raqs suck if you want to do anything different from what they're
designed for)


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