[theforum] We've got a serious problem here at evolt.org

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Fri May 14 08:10:28 CDT 2004

s t e f wrote:
> [Jeff and Adrian, forgive me to have added your personal addresses as 
> well as posted to theforum and sysadmin but I feel that maybe you're too 
> busy to read (and/or reply to) the evolt.org lists, and I needed the 
> message to get to you.]
> Here is the problem: I don't know who runs evolt.org, like :
> - who's got admin privileges on what machine
> - who's got file upload privileges on what machine
> - (insert here any question of the same type)
> And I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder.

> We haven't had any response to a few emails that implied people with 
> admin rights, and matters have been complicated needlessly.

my message re: dns wasn't answered by david u because he wasn't subbed to 
sysadmin - just means we need to ensure everyone everywhere is on the right 

> If we administer content we should be able to upload the files that go 
> with the article, shouldn't we?

Yes, but I reckon the assets.evolt.org thing will work on a manual basis for 
a while - "Hello contentians, please can those with privs[1] put these 
images on assets for me for an article ..." and it will be done.

[1] "those with privs" will pretty much mean someone with a shell login on 
the raq.

> Here's the situation:
> Garrett had to upload the files on a temporary browsers.evolt.org 

*I* did that so that Garrett's personal web space wouldn't be hit with 
unduly riotous bandwidth humpage.  I'll switch it over to assets.evolt.org 
later today once I'm sure the DNS has refreshed.

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