resolved (was: Re: [theforum] Re: give at evolt paypal addy)

David Kaufman david at
Fri May 14 08:47:47 CDT 2004

Elfur Logadóttir <elfur at> wrote:
> .:| >>would be nice to tag give at onto that account too :)
> .:| >
> .:| > yes that seems sensible.  but for the moment, at least,
> .:| an address can
> .:| > only be associated with one Paypal account at a time (i'd
> assume). .:|
> .:| No, you can tag multiple email addresses on to a PayPal account
> ...
> Yes, but while g at eo is attached to the other paypal account, it can't
> be attached to this one ... > one paypal account per email addy :)

okay this issue is resolved.  the give at address now forwards to
myself and Elfur (Marlene de-associated the address with here Paypal
account).  it is also now setup as the primary "send money to..." address on
this new account so it receives payments made from the website links.

Elfur, apparently now i you "add users" to paypal accounts, by email address
to allow multiple logins.  this would prevent us from having to share the
same login and password, and also provide a safer way for you to *get* a
password, i.e. instead of me having to email it insecurely, you'd get a
welcome email or something with a link that lets you set your own password.

which is way cool, except i was not able to add your email address as a
second login to this paypal account because it says, "The email address is
already registered with another PayPal account. If you own that account,
login to perform transactions. Otherwise, please enter a different email

i guess you either have a paypal login to Marlene's paypal account, or your
address is associated with another paypal account account, your own personal
one, perhaps?  if you use that for your own private paypal account, do you
have a second private email address that you control and could use to login
to the evolt payapal account?

and, if you *do* still have a login to Marlene's, could you log into it and
download a CSV file of historical transactions (My Account / History /
Reporting Tools / Download My History Comma delimited file / All Activity)
before dis-associating your address with that account?




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