[theforum] Re: give at evolt paypal addy

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Fri May 14 08:53:30 CDT 2004

William Anderson <neuro at well.com> wrote:
> David Kaufman wrote:
>> yes that seems sensible.  but for the moment, at least, an address
>> can only be associated with one Paypal account at a time (i'd
>> assume).
> No, you can tag multiple email addresses on to a PayPal account ...

you can one account with multiple addresses, but not the other way around.
you can't have any address associated with more than one account.
give at evolt was removed from Marlene's, is now associated with the new
account, and the funds have been transferred.

now we just have to get Elfur's address associated with the new account
(same issue).


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