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Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at
Fri May 14 10:37:12 CDT 2004

David wrote (amongst other stuff I agree with) on 14/05/2004 16:18:04:

> Martin Paul Burns <martin.burns at> wrote:

> > It's not A Good Thing that so much of evolt's hosting is provided on a
> > 'mates' basis on a box that doesn't directly control,
> > particularly when we ( have cash at hand and pledges to
> > more than cover a much better box for a year or more without much
> > worry.
> >

> exists to share knowledge (at least that's best i can come up
> with, sans a mission statement) we're not here to make money.  so,
> and wherever we do collect money, we need to be up-front about where it
> goes, and why it's needed.
> so i agree with Martin that, especially now that evolt is a legal entity,
> should use it's assets to pay it's own expenses, and should make it's
> finances open and public.  this can only improve members' confidence in
> as a worthy, and *trust*-worthy, NON-profit organization.  i'm not saying
> we should rush the process unduly.  but i think evolt should resolve to
> consider the currently donated hosting services as strictly a *temporary*
> solution that is needed, and in place *only* until evolt can get it's own
> legs under it.

Or, to put it another way, if we're not paying for hosting (or indeed
anything else), we have no right to be collecting donations, and should
return the cash we have.

> so i submit that our next order of business should be deciding whether
> will:
> 1) buy or rent the current servers and pay the current providers
> (resellers?) for the rack space and bandwidth, or

Current leo/beo/deo is far from ideal for what we want it to do. Plus it'd
be nice for it to get back to being a beo mirror.


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