list re-engineering? (was RE: [theforum] We've got a serious problem here at

s t e f evolt at
Sat May 15 03:21:28 CDT 2004

<quote who='Garrett Coakley' when='14/05/04 15:51'>

> Number 3 won the vote, which is:
> * content (content + marketing):
> * code (sysadmin + desdev)
> * admin (theforum + steering + finance)
>   - steering ceases to exist, however representatives are chosen to call 
>   / administrate votes IF votes are needed quickly

... and content's archive still being closed, IIRC.

That's why I didn't vote for *3* although it's got its own logic and I 
like it too: should marketing not be public? Anyway now that the vote 
has ended I'm OK with our democratic ways, of course.

But still, let us not forget that content's archive has never been and 
should not be public IMHO.

Although, of course, volunteers are welcome :)

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