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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Sun May 16 05:35:53 CDT 2004

<quote who='Martin Burns' when='15/05/04 23:20'>
>> Martin, care to explain that part? It didn't get through my hazy brain.
> Currently weo runs on Jeff's Win2k/SQLServer/CF box.
> If it were to move to an evolt.org box,
> 1) we could have a Win2k(etc) box, which will cost us in license fees, 
> and Sysadmin would have to be OK about supporting it. I would imagine 
> that the ease of the migration would be offset by unhappiness about the 
> cost and ease of supporting Windows.
> or
> 2) We could have a Linux box, which would mean a substantial rewrite in 
> the CMS, involving no longer using much of the CMS code to date. This 
> would upset those who have contributed to it - particularly Jeff.
> Making either choice is going to upset people I think. And that's one 
> reason we haven't talked about it - we don't want to upset anyone.

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Has sysadmin begun to talk about that in general, or not at all in the past?

I feel that if it ends up with #2, the redesign must happen 
concomitantly, because design and re-coding will only happen once -- 
whereas if we redesign and then decide to go the linux route, everything 
will need to be redone.

Or maybe it's too early to talk about it since you're in the money 
questions right now...?

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