[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

Paul Waring paul at rixort.com
Fri May 21 15:54:36 CDT 2004

Martin Burns wrote:
> I think you're not understanding the purpose of steering, nor the 
> concept of 'elected'. But if you actually read back a wee while, we've 
> already scrapped steering.


> *sigh* it's not a case of 'not allowed to join the list', but one of 
> knocking before entering. As you've been told many times in the last 2 
> days.

Well people need to be told this, rather than going through the process 
of subscribing, confirming and then getting rejecting by a moderator. It 
just makes more work for everyone. Had it said on the listinfo page "you 
need to email this list to apply to be a member", or something like 
that, it would save a great deal of trouble. Although I still think it 
would be easier to allow people to subscribe normally - I can't see many 
people joining a finance list unless they're interested.

> A lovely unqualified subjective statement.

Ok, three maximum (I believe we had a vote on this recently, but it 
still doesn't seem to be in effect yet). thelist, theforum, thechat in 
my opinion.

> meo in its old form was much abused, but the service got taken over by 
> f2o. If you want meo-like hosting, I suggest that's where you look.

I have an f2o account, but I'm not asking for meo to be reinstated 
because I personally want free hosting (I probably wouldn't take it up 
even if it was offered because I pay for hosted domains elsewhere). I 
think it contributed a lot to evolt and kept people coming back on a 
regular basis.

> Well, get your PHP trousers on and do the coding then.

All it needs in for each major (or minor, depending on how flexible you 
want partial mirrors to be) section to have an entry in a DB table and 
then link those to the mirror sites. Then, when you view a download, you 
look it up in the table and find all the mirrors and construct the links.

> Just because *you're* not sure doesn't mean that it's not in hand. Those 
> of us who own the (I should point out: loaned) boxes know.

 From what I've seen on the lists, few other people seem to know though.


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