[theforum] Can't get on steering, finance or sysadmin

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun May 23 12:19:40 CDT 2004

Lachlan Cannon wrote:
> [snip]
> In fact, I find it quite scary that the only person who seems fully 
> equipped to modify the CMS is .jeff. Not because I don't trust him, of 
> course, but because if something were to happen to him, we'd be in 
> trouble. Not to mention, it'd be better for jeff if we had the cms coded 
> so that multiple *active* people knew how to use it, because
> a) we wouldn't be stalled if we want to add new functionality, because 
> jeff's busy
> b) if something urgent comes up, we know we have people around who can 
> deal with it straight away.

I'd be very interested to hear Jeff's take on this discussion, because he's 
been silent up until now.  Jeff, would you get tremendously pissed off if 
the community decided to change direction in the CMS platform?  Surely you 
have more than just Cold Fusion skills to contribute to the game?

I don't think anyone's directly asked you anything about that yet, and to be 
honest I'm getting tired with the tip-toeing around, so your truthful and 
honest opinion would be gratefully received I'm sure.

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