[theforum] Launch deadline

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Mon Apr 4 07:00:56 CDT 2005

Martin Burns wrote:
> As I understand it, we need John to take part in that, but he's tied up 
> for the next 48 hours.

Well, I wasn't able to do anything until we had a DB server to suck
the data out of.  Mike has provided (thanks) and we now have a copy
of the DB in MySQL.

Now I need to write code to convert its ludicrous schema (*) into something
less insane before proceeding to the import.


(*)  Unique numeric-only IDs for articles, users and comments are stored
      as strings for some reason.  This makes simple queries about what we
      already have versus what changed between the 2 DB dumps extremely
      difficult.  Specifically, for example, "5" is always a *larger* value
      than "4999".  [sigh]

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