[theforum] Design Competition

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Feb 28 09:37:12 CST 2006

Martin Burns noted:

>>the good people of desdev have had a think about what we'd want 
>>out of a competition (other than "nicer looking site" :-) ) and 
>>came up with: http://wiki.evolt.org/wiki/2006_WEO_Design_Contest

Hi Martin,

Sounds good.

>>The way I expect the judging to go is that desdev will produce a 
>>shortlist, canvas comments from the wider community and present the 
>>list with summarised comments (and maybe a recommendation) to 
>>theforum for a final vote.

Fair enough.

>>announce it at the start of March, with an end April closing date.

All good.

>>Incidentally, weo is on the 1st page of Drupal's "Screenshots from 
>>selected unique Drupal websites" showcase...



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