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Stephane Deschamps lists at nota-bene.org
Mon May 1 13:42:18 CDT 2006

<quote who='Martin Burns' when='01/05/2006 19:20'>

All in all that's *cool*, Martin. Fresh and yet observant of the current 
design, thus more an evolution than a new thing that breaks the habits.

I don't like too much the two things that appear, or, more precisely, 
I'd like them better if there was a "close" button at the bottom of 
each, it's better usability IMHO.

I had to stop for a sec and think "hey, where should I close it? oh, 
right, it must be on the tab on which I clicked to open it". And it was, 
but I'm sure you see my point.

One thing I don't like: the login form where it is. I like the current 
scheme, because I hate zooming around looking for the form, now that 
I've gotten used to the sleek one-liner at the top: it's better than 
what we had before, and I'd like it to stay where it is. Although I 
kinda spot a problem with dhtml overlapping form controls of course...

Once again, all in all it's a great job, especially for (quote) "not a 

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