[theforum] planet evolt

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Sep 12 10:25:06 CDT 2006

|:.Apologies. The focus of my sentence was the "small group" part, not
|:.the "North America" part. The group was *largely* in North America,
|:.minus Javier and Martin, if I recall correctly.

and me (Iceland) and Isaac (Aussie) and Sølve (Norway) and ... surely i'm
forgetting someone ... 
Wolfgang (Austria) ... and ... hmmm I know I'm still forgetting someone -
sincerest appologies to that person :) 
Lachlan (NZ) but he came later
Garrett and William were onboard pretty early as well and JohnH as soon as
second year, if memory serves me ... 

but, yeah, I'm not trying to twist your words - honest :)
Out of the initial 35 over half of the founders were in North America,
Javier, Isaac, Myself and the UK-ians did the time adjustments for most

*the historian one*

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