[theforum] Vote Request

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Mon Sep 11 13:44:38 CDT 2006

> - I think it's madness to consider IRC as bad for community, when the
>   remaining core of evolt.org's community *lives and breathes* on IRC

> IRC, while mainly social does carry ops issues, and the sysadmin list
> are home to ops notices and discussions. I see no need for this to
> fundamentally change, beyond regular reports from ops/sysadmin to 
> core, even just to say "all's well". No news is bad news should be
> the motto.

Given the mixed reports on what actually happens on the evolt IRC
channel, I'm very curious to check it out. However, I'd rather not have
to install and learn IRC just to find out what goes on on the channel.
Is there an archive (or can someone post some kind of archive) of recent
IRC discussions?

Also, if discussions/decisions about evolt are happening via IRC, how
are those evolters not on IRC to be privy to those
discussions/decisions? Can some kind of (permanent) archive be established?

sarah adams
web developer & programmer
portfolio: http://sarah.designshift.com
blog: http://hardedge.ca

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