[theforum] Help? -- wuz light / tunnel / moooo

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Sep 18 11:27:11 CDT 2006

Hi Gang,

My guess is that a lot of this is handled informally today, if and when
it comes up at all.  [And I certainly have a soft spot for the 'but if I
do it myself I know it will get done the way I want it done' mentality.]

I was gonna suggest some kind of Beatles call-out on TheForum ... If you
need help on an activity, you send in an email with a "H*E*L*P: nunsuch
activity" subject line and see if you get any bites.

However, after a bit more reflection (and since my old guy forehead is
growing I gets LOTS more reflection!), I'm wondering if this wouldn't be
better as a 'design consideration' on the evolt homepage.  Some kind of
"Here are the top 5 things we could use a hand with RIGHT NOW" list.

I think it would be nice to offer folks who want to help out or
volunteer a bit a choice, a couple of activities where we could use
immediate assistance.  [The zoo I'm currently volunteering at has a kind
of perpetual calendar of activities on-line where you can pick things to
help out at.  It's an extremely awkward implementation -- but the
concept is in the right place.]

Of course, there are some downsides:

- Training.  If you ask for help, then you may be committing to train
some goober like me who doesn't have your understanding of the process
and how it works today.

- Review.  If you ask for help, then you are committing to reviewing the
work in a timely fashion once it's complete - and we all know it will
get done (if at all) at the most inconvenient time personally possible!

- Action.  <shudder /> Lastly, if anyone does come forward and lend a
hand with something; (say sorting out a new drupal module or a CSS
change), there may actually be some action that would have to take place
to implement the volunteered work.

Anyways ... Would 'zat be any more of a 'volunteer-friendly' way to
direct enthusiastic new recruits?



PS. Belated congrats to Alan and family on the new addition!  Hope
everyone is doing well!

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