[theforum] Help? -- wuz light / tunnel / moooo

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Sep 19 09:32:29 CDT 2006

|:.> Of course, there are some downsides:
|:.> - Training.  If you ask for help, then you may be 
|:.committing to train
|:.> some goober like me who doesn't have your understanding of 
|:.the process
|:.> and how it works today.
|:.> - Review.  If you ask for help, then you are committing to 
|:.reviewing the
|:.> work in a timely fashion once it's complete - and we all 
|:.know it will
|:.> get done (if at all) at the most inconvenient time 
|:.personally possible!
|:.> - Action.  <shudder /> Lastly, if anyone does come forward 
|:.and lend a
|:.> hand with something; (say sorting out a new drupal module or a CSS
|:.> change), there may actually be some action that would have 
|:.to take place
|:.> to implement the volunteered work.
|:.This is fantastic, Ron

+1 :)


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