[theforum] evolt services [was whither deo..?]

Tara Cleveland tara.cleveland at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 15:27:05 CDT 2006


On 18-Sep-06, at 2:39 PM, Sarah Adams wrote:
> I'll ask again - is there a list somewhere that details all of the
> services/stuff offered by evolt? If not, is there someone who has  
> such a
> list in their head who could make this list available to the entire
> evolt community?

Okay... off the top of my head...

The list of evolt "services" (whatever that means ;-)

Mailing Lists:

desdev (was thesite at one point)

(I think marketing and finance were rolled up a few years ago -  
correct me if I'm wrong)

Official Sites:

weo (www.evolt.org)
beo (browsers.evolt.org)
deo (directory.evolt.org)
leo (list archives and sign ups)

Slightly Less Official Sites:
peo (planet.evolt.org)
seo (spool.evolt.org.uk/) - name change? sounds like evolt does  
search engine optimization

toevolt.org used to exist, but I haven't renewed the domain. 'Cause  
it's pretty useless now.

I thought www.evolt.org.uk worked... but apparently it doesn't.

There were rumblings about starting evolters.org.

We used to have meo (members.evolt.org) [http://web.archive.org/web/ 
20020531085357/http://members.evolt.org/] but that's been  

Umm... anything else that I forgot?


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