[theforum] evolt services [was whither deo..?]

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 22 19:23:56 CDT 2006

> Oi! That's great news Mike. Orla is a saint to take one for 
> the team and get you off the market ;-)

just gettin' around to the photos, and I've gotta raise the eternal
question: how's come such good-lookin' wimmen keep marrying doofs like
us? howzat happen? I know darn well Sue wasn't drunk *all* of the five
times she said yes (to marriage, I mean)

congrats, m&o

oh, and Martin, the 'big-eyes!' photo of your Orla got the big
'awwwwwww' from Sue and I


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