[theforum] starting point for revitalizing evolt?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Sep 19 14:08:09 CDT 2006

Sarah Adams sayeth:

>>As long as people don't think this is going to be a pointless
exercise, I'll volunteer 
>>to compile a relevant list of questions that will get us started. 

>>I'll even volunteer to compile the answers to our questions :)

Brave lady!    ;-P

I think it could be a useful exercise anyway since it may allow us to
set priorities for the different goals we may each see as 'most
important' for evolt ... It could be that that there Cal-eye-for-nyan
contingent sees evolt as most important in bein' a place for keepin'
their dang ole tofu recipes ... While them Texicans just wanna shoot the
breeze (and maybe a few doves) ... While them Marx & Sparks shoppers may
just be lookin' fer a place to store their mashups and niblicks.

A survey might flush out differences like that and allow us to deal with
them ... and move forward with common agreement on goals, which we
really will need to write down by the way, maybe in some handy place as
a 'mission statement' or some royal nunsuch!

Good Luck ... And holler if ya need some help compilin' results.


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