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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Feb 21 11:45:58 CST 2007

Dean Mah noted a gap:

>>I believe that this is because the comment system is a 
>>very poor communication method for questions and answers.  

Hi Dean,

An excellent observation!

>>I propose adding a link/button/etc. to the end of each 
>>article, or particular articles, that would take the user 
>>to a proper support forum.

Thanks for continuing to look for ways to improve things!  ;-)

>>Thoughts?  Anyone care?  

Sounds similar to the path Dan has taken over at F2O.  Maybe shoot 
a note over to Dan and/or Rudy and see if they have any ideas for 
improvements that we could use to leapfrog their status quo?

>>If no one cares, I'm likely to just do it.

I _do_ care ... but heck, I'd like to see you go for it anyway!  ;-)

Have Big Fun!

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