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John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Wed Feb 21 14:18:57 CST 2007

Dean Mah wrote:

> I don't know if Drupal has a forum
> module but unless we can get better performance out of the system, I'd
> vote for not hosting it within Drupal.
> Thoughts?  Anyone care?  If no one cares, I'm likely to just do it.

a)  Drupal does have a forum module

b)  Yes, our performance is currently very poor.  If you
     have time to look at things, I've documented
     quite a lot of stuff wrt my having moved a bunch
     of Drupal sites away from Apache/mod_php and into


     ...I've found the results to be staggering, and it
     hasn't fallen over in 8 weeks, and our server does
     four times the traffic of evolt's.

c)  I think the comments' legibility is in no small way
     a design issue

d)  I've *very* nearly finished a script which can import
     old list archive mbox-es into Drupal forum threads,
     for someone else.  It ought to be available for us to
     try out shortly (I have to wait for the client's job
     to finish running) -- if you think that's worth
     pursuing, I reckon a set of forums inside Drupal which
     also included read-only "forums" containing thelist
     would be a very nice thing to have.

There's also a discussion to be had about spam filtering,
Akismet, and auto-expiring comments on articles.

And maybe another one about new articles.

But performance-wise (and security-wise) I've got info to
offer (usual channels) on the Drupal front.  I imagine
someone else is going to gasp out loud at the idea of using
any of the previously-mentioned PHP forum apps any minute

So basically, yeah, I agree -- but I think we can fix the
performance stuff.

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