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Wed Jul 25 09:55:32 CDT 2007

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From: David Merchant <merchant at latech.edu>
Date: Jul 20, 2007 6:16 PM
Subject: [Javascript] ADMIN: Request For New List Owner
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Due to my life's focus, direction, and energies
changing to different paths and goals I have
decided that I need to let someone else own/run
the JavaScript list. LA Tech U wouldn't be OK
with hosting a list owned by someone not employed
(or current student) of Tech so unfortunately I
need to find someone who can move the list to
another server.  I can't believe it's been around
12 years that I've run this list - this list is
made up quality, knowledgeable and helpful
people. It may sound cliché, but it's been an
honor, but it's time to let someone else be so
honored :-). BTW, I think whoever takes the list
should think about having co-moderators helping
them, like  the Web Design list does, to help
lower the response time to any occasional problem
that crops up on the list (there is daily
maintenance as well - the list gets hit daily by
spammers, from a few to a half a dozen a day on
average. Plus "uncaught bounce" errors, which
probably could be reduced if I tweaked list
settings more or was more aggressive about
unsubbing members who tend to repeatedly let
their email boxes fill up to maximum capacity.)

Please contact me off-line if you are interested: <merchant at latech.edu>


Instructor, Department of English.
Louisiana Tech University

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