[theforum] Show of hands

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Oct 25 12:10:14 CDT 2007

Hello all,

To follow up with my previous email I'm calling for a "show of hands" asking
people subscribed to this list to offer them up for one of the following
categories in relations to the presence and maintenance of evolt.org:

A) I'm enthusiastic about maintaining the whole evolt.org shebang

B) I'm enthusiastic, but don't know if/when/how I could help

C) I care for evolt.org but do not have the time to participate in anything

D) I care, but I've left the business and not maintained my ability to
assist with anything web-related

E) I care (or don't), but I've left and don't partake in anything related to
evolt.org anymore.

Category E is the "default" category - anyone not responding to this email
within the next two or three weeks will be considered as part of CatE (no
prejudice and people can of course always correct that understanding later)

And to buffer off all flames before the arrive: No this is not "official"
evolt.org work - this is me taking pulse on the group before I bring about
further discussion related to that of my email yesterday.

Response to this one will be tallied by me and reported once a week for the
next three weeks.

There are 107 email addresses subscribed to this list, let's see how many of
them we can move from Cat E to any of the other categories and then realise
what ability we have to do something with this great thing we have melting

I put myself in Cat D - where do you fit?


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