[theforum] Quick change on the site...

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Nov 1 15:28:08 CDT 2007

.:| From: David Ulevitch
.:| Just a friendly observation -- though I cut to the chase:  Whenever 
.:| someone comes to www.evolt.org they see the TOP STORY (I 
.:| get that it's 
.:| pinned up there) has a date of: February 22, 2004.  That's a total 
.:| disaster for any user looking to get involved in Evolt.  It 
.:| says that 
.:| this site is dead even though it isn't.  It (the date, not 
.:| the article) 
.:| should be removed ASAP.

I agree. But the headline of the article should be posted somewhere as a
link - because it's a guideline that people should really read before they
write an article for evolt


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