[theforum] Challenging Drupal: Put up or shut up

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Mon Oct 13 11:28:14 CDT 2008

I'd started a reply that said much of what John said, (but with less cussing 
;) but went to bed instead of finishing it :)
Wanted to add a couple of things though:

John Handelaar wrote:
> However, the front-end design just never materialised, bluntly, and
> the people who cut the theme that's currently in use (including Tara
> and Mike King) were stuck with an ancient and unfinished JPG from
> Isaac and did the best they could.
Indeed, the design competition failed to generate any entries from the wider 
evolt community, only Tara and Martin, already part of the group that made 
the move to drupal, produced entries.

In retrospect I think that's when some malaise set in - we got hung upon the 
need for a spankin' new design.

> Our
> normal habit of designing by committee is absolutely the primary
> problem there.
Yep. And I wonder if we don't need to have one person in charge of look and 
feel, a creative director, let the site be one persons vision (at least for 
a while). We may not find the end results entirely to our personal taste, 
but it should at least be more visually consistent.

I'm not sure we have anyone with that creative design experience available 
though, do we?

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