[theforum] teh front-end (cont'd)

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Oct 13 14:01:41 CDT 2008

To follow up on the previous post... for others who want to contribute to
front end efforts, I would love to get more usability feedback from folks,
esp regarding trying to complete basic tasks on the existing site.  I
think some serious issues come more from the way the front end interfaces
with the software when you are actually trying to accomplish tasks on the
site.  So a careful documentation of issues that arise in typical site
navigation and functionality would be very valuable.

Also useful: noting areas that are in particular need of updating.

Once our basic templating is relatively complete I also would like to seek
feedback on areas where DOM-friendly JavaScript/AJAX might be used to
judiciously enhance user experience, and which point, the proper experts
can be roused from our ranks to add their contribution, should they so

I am not adverse to being flexible, and/or doing things a better way (ping
me on that), but I do want to be thoughtful about process, and as far as
the front end goes, I intend to be particularly active right now; also
because it is one of the first things we need to dive in and get done.


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