[theforum] Challenging Drupal: Put up or shut up

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Oct 13 13:37:14 CDT 2008

On 13 Oct 2008, at 17:59, Joel D Canfield wrote:

>> I'm not sure we have anyone with that creative design
>> experience available though, do we?
> I'll take whoever is available as a creative director, over continuing
> to have every decision on every aspect discussed into oblivion.
> And then, while we're at it, appoint a technical director, a  
> director of
> content, etc.

Yeah, I'm up for that. As long as whoever's appointed knows where  
their sponsorship comes from, it's all good.

And we maintain ultimate server access amongst a group of people, for  
all kinds of reasons.


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