[theforum] More modules for teo plz

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Tue Oct 14 08:39:49 CDT 2008

Dean Mah wrote:
> There is no normally for me.  I've only ever installed Drupal one
> time.  I don't know what the best practice is.
Well, for me it involves keeping an entire multisite install under version 
control, bringing updated packages in from drupal.org in a vendor branch and 
merging across to a local branch.

But that's too painful with CVS, from past experience. Which probably meens 
we should forget about 'best practice' until we're off sarge :/

> I've downloaded the
> module into my home directory and then untar'ed/unzipped and moved it
> into Drupal site.  I've kept the archived version of the module with
> version number intact to know where we're at.
ok. That works for me.

> Oh, and to get things working, I copied the propstar module directly
> from the old installation into the modules directory.
FWIW in Drupal-5 modules/ is left best left alone, all the contrib modules 
we use or any modules we write should go into

but then the other modules are there...are you saying propstar needed to be 
directly in modules/ to halt the breakage?

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