[theforum] projects on teamwork site

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Oct 14 08:40:10 CDT 2008

I dunno.  I wanted to split them up because for me, it seemed like it 
would be easier to see what was going on.  was it the best way?  I dunno.

one could also make notes on any project.  but I think if we have to, 
yes we could merge them.

everyone should btw, have access to all projects.  On my end, I didn't 
make everyone an administrator, but I gave everyone all or nearly all 
rights outside of modifying users.


Adrian Simmons wrote:
> I'm not a project manager so maybe this is crazy talk, but I'd originally 
> thought we'd have one project with separate task lists for each area. 
> Perhaps there's some scope for merging projects.
> Frontend has some big dependencies on backend, if necessary perhaps we could 
> merge those and just have separate task lists for each?

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