[theforum] logs? traffic stats?a

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Oct 15 12:28:32 CDT 2008

Hi Tara,

"Tara Cleveland" <tara.cleveland at gmail.com> wrote:
> do we have any for weo or beo? if so where are they and can I get them?


The logs are in /var/log/apache/host/ (and consume about 3.6 gigs there --  
we never throw anything way).

And we run AWStats, so you can get traffic stats & reports from the server 
itself.  I'll send you the link and password offlist.  It's password 
protected because it run's as a CGI that is pretty resource intensive & 
slow.  We probably should generate static reports periodically, but I never 
bothered since you're the first person besides me to ask :-)

Summary of September's totals:


    Unique visitors   : 117,064
    Number of visits  : 221,175 (1.88 visits/visitor)
    Pages             : 450,361 (2.03 pages/visit)
    Hits              : 2941313 (13.29 hits/visit)
    Bandwidth         : 14.43 GB (68.43 KB/visit)


    Unique visitors   : 34,114
    Number of visits  : 42,175 (1.23 visits/visitor)
    Pages             : 179,538 (4.25 pages/visit)
    Hits              : 308,768 (7.32 hits/visit)
    Bandwidth         : 3.03 GB (75.22 KB/visit)

I haven't paid much attention to WEO's traffic changes over time, but I 
know off the top of my head that BEO used to average over twice that much 
traffic per month.  I know BEO traffic has declined steadily over the last 
year or two, to settle around 40% of its former glory because our Google 
AdSense revenue from BEO (our only significant revenue) has declined along 
with it, from $100+ per month to about $40 a month.


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