[theforum] milestones... nudge, nudge

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Oct 15 20:14:04 CDT 2008


Can someone on the backend and/or operations team create some milestones
on the project?  I see these as goals to shoot for, and also to help
with visualizing, understanding, and communicating a sequence of steps.

There is a milestone for migrating the server (Thanks, William!) but
it's set for March 31, 2009.  For real?  Because I was thinking we
should do templates and such AFTER modernizing PHP/SQL/Drupal.

I think at the very least we need 1. a milestone for migrating the 
server, 2. a milestone for software upgrades (PHP/SQL/Drupal)... and 
after that, a milestone for templating.  Others?

Despite the name, milestones are not set in stone and can be moved as 
more information becomes available.

I'm not sure if this works the same way, but in basecamp you can
associate task lists with milestones.  That could be a useful next step. 
  Checking off "to do's" on the way to a milestone can be a very 
satisfying feeling.

Assuming we are waiting for a full update before building templates, 
backend milestones are useful info for folks thinking about front end 
and content.

Please correct any errors I'm making in my understanding of the process.



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