[theforum] milestones... nudge, nudge

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Oct 16 03:47:07 CDT 2008

Erika wrote:
> http://evolt.teamworkpm.net/
> Can someone on the backend and/or operations team create some milestones
> on the project?  I see these as goals to shoot for, and also to help
> with visualizing, understanding, and communicating a sequence of steps.
> There is a milestone for migrating the server (Thanks, William!) but
> it's set for March 31, 2009.  For real?  Because I was thinking we
> should do templates and such AFTER modernizing PHP/SQL/Drupal.

I set it long as I wasn't sure what else we were doing.

Can I suggest we implement the earlier suggestions of having a project
manager, a design lead, a content lead, a technical lead, etc.
Otherwise we're going to quagmire again.


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