[theforum] regarding project leads

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 16 09:28:15 CDT 2008

Since no one here is getting hired, fired, or paid, I think that if/when 
our project leads (or other key people) disappear without warning, fail 
to respond to direct mails for a week or more, or drop the ball at key 
moments, we need to assign the work to someone else... etc.  Not out of 
punishment, obviously, because this is all volunteer, but to ensure that 
the whole project keeps moving.

I think it's good to assign tasks including project lead, but not allow 
the project to get mired because someone has dropped the ball.  In 
general, communication is huge, because our tasks depend on each other's 
tasks.  So if you get caught in any kind of unexpected situation

-- give us a heads up on the teamwork site.


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