[theforum] random thoughts about consensus

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Oct 17 23:55:07 CDT 2008

been thinking a lot about our processes and such...
the challenge we have at times reaching consensus...
the passion in the group, and all the battles
that have gone on.

wikipedia on consensus

I am not one who thinks that consensus decision making should be 
abandoned, but I do think that we need to consciously strive for 
civility, empathy, and picking our battles.

wikipedia has a formalized consensus process

As the second link notes, consensus is *not* the same as voting....
(or design by committee...) but more a team-approach.

someday I'd like to write an article specifically about our processes, 
and how they evolved.

because we have eschewed traditional leadership, we are a really special 
organization, and our members are forced to actively seek common ground.

In my work, I seem to end up in jobs where I am in the position of 
helping different groups work together to achieve a common goal (usually 
relating to a CMS) and I've learned a lot from my experiences with 
evolt.  I think it's a good experience.

just some thoughts.


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