[theforum] Drupal's Mibbit IRC module

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Sat Oct 18 08:37:46 CDT 2008

So ... i‘m supposed to be a retired evolter, but ...


I am browsing through Drupal modules for a private project upgrade and ran
into this module:


Mibbit IRC



„The developers at Mibbit.com have created a very nice (AJAX) widget that
gives your community members access to IRC channels via a window (iFramed
widget) on one of your site's pages.


This module makes it easy for administrators to add the IRC widget to their
Drupal sites.“


And as I‘m one of the people working behind firewalls thicker than led[1] I
was wondering if this is a solutions for us ... because I keep loosing the
Perl link Martin maintains and every now and then I could sneak an hour or
two hanging about #evolt.


Just my $0.000002[2]






[1] the only thing i could think off, other than blood J

[2] this is my estimation of currency exchange, 2 kronur‘s value in dollar



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