[theforum] random thoughts about consensus

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Oct 18 12:03:32 CDT 2008

Right.  And going along with that, the fine art of picking one's 
battles.  And always remembering that we are part of the same team.

I've been looking at the old anniversary articles (thanks to archivist 
elfur) and the excitement and bonding that happened in the old days when 
were 1. building something from nothing
and 2. had a common enemy (the corporate scourge webmonkey, lol)

Much like some of the rock bands I've been in, at some point the early 
excitement dissapates, and we tend to turn on each other.  Not all of 
us, and not completely, but enough to cause some mighty intertia, and 
discouragement amongst the troops. (lol)

"There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged 



Martin Burns wrote:
> On 18 Oct 2008, at 05:55, Erika wrote:
>> As the second link notes, consensus is *not* the same as voting....
>> (or design by committee...) but more a team-approach.
> Indeed - it very much does allow for individuals taking a lead, but they 
> need to ensure that
> 1) they understand that they get to lead by consent of the group, not by 
> their own right
> 2) whatever they do gains a sense of common ownership, and be prepared 
> to change course if that's not happening.
> Cheers
> Martin

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