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David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Sun Oct 19 21:17:06 CDT 2008

"Erika" <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote
> Jeremy Weiss wrote:
>> We're not a 501(c)3? We really ought to fix that at some point.
>...one factor is that evolt.org is not a
> US-based organization.  organisation.  we are a station without a
> nation. or something.  there were probably other factors as well...
> which is not to say it couldn't be re-visited, but we really cannot
> claim to be a US organization.

Actually it's just because to become a 501(c)(3) you have to:

1. incorporate, which
   a. costs money, comes with legal and financial rules
   b. normally requires a lawyer, which costs more money
   c. having a formal charitable charter (mission statement)
   d. having a board of directors and regular meetings,
      (with minutes, which must be submitted!)

2. apply for charity status with the IRS

3. wait months, hope to be granted

4. if denied as is normal, re-apply/appear the decision

5. go to step 3, wash rinse and repeat

Setting aside the fact that we have no formal board or directors, charter 
or meetings... even if we succeeded in attaining 501(c)(3) status, we would 
then be required to a number of file income tax returns every year, and 
jump through cretin other legal hoops to maintain that status.  I'm told 
its best to hire both a lawyer and an accountant.  Which is money we don't 

As it is, we're not required to file as long as we have under $25,000 a 
year in revenue, which suits me just fine.  Being responsible for 
maintaining the checking account, collecting the Google Adsense revenue, 
and turning around and paying it out to for hosting expenses is really 
about as much financial responsibility Elfur and I, as co-treasurers, are 
prepared to accept.

Anyway, while the donations we receive are very much appreciated, they tend 
to be small, few and far between, at least for the last several years that 
I've been counting the beans.  The google ads on beo are a much more 
significant (and reliable) income stream.  So becoming a legal charity 
would be a lot of work for (IMHO) little gain.


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