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Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Oct 27 18:47:08 CDT 2008

about us (secondary page)

Originally a breakoff group from Webmonkey's now-defunct "Monkeyjunkies" 
mailing list, evolt's purpose is to promote the free exchange of ideas 
in a community created and maintained by web professionals.

The name evolt was selected as a combination of  "the best elements of 
evolution, revolution, with a bit of voltage thrown in for good measure."

Important tenants of evolt have always been:

- evolt is non-commercial - we generate just enough income to stay alive 
va donations, evolt-gear, and limited advertising on our browser archive.

- evolt is inspired by open source development model as described in 
Eric Raymond's essay "The Cathedral and the Bazaar." evolt 
administrators keep processes (and our archive) open and accessible.

- copyright stays with original authors.  Beyond our archive, evolt does 
not claim rights to anything published on its site or email lists. 
Authors own their work and have the right to republish as they see fit.

  ***QUESTION: should we have some kind of guidelines about how often 
something may be published, if at all BEFORE it is submitted to evolt as 
an article???  IOW, shall we request "first publication rights" or...?***

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