[theforum] history draft

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Oct 28 09:18:21 CDT 2008

Jeremy Weiss wrote:
 > The process section sort of makes us sound like the Borg. Was that 
 >intentional? :)
 > -jeremy


It becomes more and more apparent to me that a person cannot consider 
him or herself culturally literate in this day and age without extensive 
knowledge of Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation.

I did not have a TV during much of Star Trek Next Generation.  And when 
I did, I didn't watch the show.  So w/ that caveat, no.  And thank you 
for pointing that out.

It strikes me, from the wikipedia description, that the Borg function 
sort of like an insect colony.  We should be so lucky (just kidding).

What I'm grappling with is finding a concise and accurate way to 
describe our process which I do think is notable and unique, as well as 
imperfect.  We have gone through a lot of effort seeking the right way 
to steer evolt.  We've lost folks along the way, too, some in part due 
to impatience with the process.  (I might even count myself in that 
group... but I was just on an extended vacation.)

The trick may be to find a way to accurately characterize how we do what 
we do without setting it into stone.  Why? In part, because I think it's 
notable, and in part, to gain a clearer picture for myself and other 
would-be admins.


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