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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Oct 28 12:04:06 CDT 2008

Erika offered up a nice 'history of evolt' for editing and sniping.

Hi Erika,

First of all - Big Thanks for taking this on!

** Next up --- typos.

>>Evolt was ... from Hotwired's Monkeyjukies mailing
2 n's in MonkeyJunkies  (I always do the CamelCase capitalization, but single cap or no cap may be more proper ... I've never zactly been all about 'proper' meself.)

** Ummm, Where is the 'Why we split' section?  That was foundational.  It serves an important place in explaining what evolt was and how it came to be and why it attracted the folks it did, right?

>>word quickly spread, and hundreds of web developers from around the world

** Which included the crème de la crème!  We were a major resource featuring some serious technoheavyweights!  Is dropping names bad form?  Evolt was (is?) a famous author hangout, at least for geeky authors like:
- Danny Goodman
- Jeff Howden
- Seth Bienek
- Rudy Limeback
- Adrian Roselli
- Peter Morville / Louis Rosenfeld
- Eric Meyer
- Joel Canfield
- Others ??? Dave Winer - was he ever here or did Adrian just pick on him on the side? Javier Velasco (Boxes and Arrows magazine)?

** Or would an "Evolt members authored <mumble-mumble> 'x' extremely popular and well referenced books on web technology published by respected companies like O'Reilly." be a more conservative, family-values kind of way of tooting our own horn like that?

** Screenshots will be included, right?

>>(put something here about the browser archive)

Yup, the browser archive is an important item to highlight.  Particularly, I think, in showcasing evolt as having been at the forefront in testing from the very beginning and acknowledging the impact the browser software can have on site design and usability.  I see that directly evolving into our commitment to discussing and working accessibility and i18n issues.  Didn't the gang and discussions on evolt lead directly into the WebStandards WASP project thing-y?  Wasn't a bunch of that hashed out here?

>>Evolt CMS
** Whew.  After the frontend history stuff I was just about to ask where the backend was.  Coolio.


>>Just as evolt's lists are self-moderated, the organization is self-led.
>>Direction for the organization comes from the collective consciousness
>>and is steered by credible individuals who are willing and able to step
>>into leadership roles.  Some offices are held by single individuals

*Ah!  Okay, "Collective consciousness" can sound a bit Borg-y.  I'm okay with it.  But we could change it to some "consensus" kind of text.  [I was gonna say 'consensual coalescence' ... but that just sounds dirty in a Hastur kind of way.]

** Perhaps some mention of those individuals having _earned_ their credibility through 'sweat equity' might be appropriate?  Would that tighten things up a bit?  I think that's a pretty standard modus operandi in any volunteer organization.

>*>* [Discussion and decisions regarding] Direction of the organization happens in [happen on] theforum.
[insert suggestion(s)]

>>Evolt is only as strong as our members, and we are always open to having
>>intelligent, energetic additions to our ranks.

... And cut!  Fade to panorama of friendly, young, trim, fashionable, diverse, tight-knit group backlit by sunset overlooking ocean and scenic vista ... Gee ... It's gonna blow our promo budget hiring those folks!


Looking Good!


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