[theforum] about us draft (& copyright question)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Oct 28 17:11:40 CDT 2008

.:|  > Beyond our archive? We claim rights over our archive?
.:|  >
.:|  > Cheers
.:|  > Martin
.:| Badly worded, thank you.  But yes, we do claim the right to archive
.:| posts, don't we?

Nope. This is our exact distinction from mj, and in fact the raison d'etre.
Dan's feu with mj over his archive of mj posts and lycos' claim to own every
post we wrote, is what spiked the revolution in the first place.

.:| There needs to be a simple way of saying: once you have published on
.:| evolt, you can expect that we will archive your email or article.

Have it say exactly that :)
Adding: regardless, you still maintain all rights to your data.

Or something similar.


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