[theforum] history draft

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Oct 28 17:19:21 CDT 2008

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.:| Luther, Ron
.:| > Erika offered up a nice 'history of evolt' for editing and sniping.
.:| thanks, Ron.  There are a ton of "historic" articles/documents

We're lagging again (or perhaps for the first time in years?)

I received erika's reply to ron's post, an hour before I received ron's
post, which I received 4hrs later than sent. (erika's post claims to be sent
at 20:23, but I received it at 20:04).

And I notice, that the posts I've been writing like crazy tonight haven't
yet landed in my mailbox - but one. And the first one was sent over 20mins

Perhaps it's only on my end.


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