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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 18:26:37 CDT 2008

On 28 Oct 2008, at 23:23, Elfur Logadóttir wrote:

> | If another site were to mirror our list archive, that could be an
> .:| issue
> .:| for original authors (who only granted the right to evolt to  
> publish
> .:| the
> .:| work, not to the secondary site), but it would not be an issue for
> .:| us.
> Well, looking at the mj scenario back in the day, dan was solving a  
> need.
> There was no archive at mj so dan created one from the posts in his  
> mailbox.
> As I understand evolt's status today, if someone were to do the same  
> with
> posts sent to thelist, i'm not certain that we would a) object and  
> b) have
> the rights to object, as we have always claimed that all rights  
> still are
> with the author and it would thus be his decision in the first place.

Except acting on behalf of everyone:
not "You can't post evolt's content"
but "You're posting content belonging to evolt members, and they may  

In the hypothetical extreme case, we wouldn't/couldn't sue in the name  
of evolt.org, but might front a class action on behalf of evolt.org  

I think we did take a view, though, that rights in site designs were  
given to evolt.org, as we've informally cease and desisted a few  
people who've *ahem* borrowed the weo design.


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